Managed Services

Complete IT Services & Support

  • Computer Setup & Support
  • Network Services
  • Backup & Recovery
  • On-Site Support
  • Remote Suport Solutions
  • Proactive Maintenance Plans
  • Network Cabling
  • Other Services

IT Services and Support for maintaining an efficient computing environment for your staff.

Not properly managing today’s complicated computer and networking solutions can result in substantial downtime and possible catastrophic financial loss. Designing the best solutions to access, store, protect and share your data is what Teleco of Cleveland does best. We have certified network engineers and computer technicians with the experience and know-how in IT services and support to provide our customers with optimal, efficient and reliable computing solutions for their specific needs. Regardless of what your computer services needs or networking support concerns, we’ve got a solution custom-fit for your business.


Video & Security

Teleco can provide your organization with a Security Solution designed to safeguard your business and provide you with the satisfaction of knowing your business is safe. Our Security Solution will provide 24 hours a day 7 days a week coverage when you need it at a very realistic cost. We offer security & surveillance products by the industry leaders and we can customize or design a security network tailor made for your business. By combining well known and respected products with our customer care and live monitoring, Teleco will provide the best solutions available for your security needs.



At Teleco, we specialize in infrastructure design and implementation. Our  technicians are able to assess your new or existing location and plan the layout for all of your cabling needs. We will work with your team to implement the best cabling plan for your business.

Whether voice, data, Internet or video, the technologies used to communicate today have one thing in common... cable! We recognize that superior communication depends on the quality of the cabling infrastructure. We specialize in the highest quality installation of all forms of certified voice and data cabling including Category 5E, Category 6, Fiber-optic, buried, aerial and wireless networks.



Your needs come first where we come from. There are plenty of communication solutions, and only one company is the best at providing them. We know who it is you?

Each of the solutions described here is customizable and overlaps with our other solutions, making for an integrated solution that works with your business. And the best part is, we'll build it for you based on YOUR needs and YOUR budget.

  • Local/Long Distance Solutions:
    Dial-tone, local service with expanded calling areas, long distance service at competitive rates, toll-free service, and broadband Internet access...but you just want to know when you pick up the phone you're paying the least amount possible. We bundle solutions together for competitive pricing and simplified cabling to achieve the greatest cost-savings for you. (A penny saved is still just a penny. Why not save thousands of them?)

  • Phone System Solutions:
    Choose from a variety of phone systems from the best manufacturers, efficient call-center management, connectivity for remote locations and workers. Then easily integrate them with our wireless, voicemail, or voice-over-IP solutions. We even offer the newest IP phones. They're so cool that they bring out the techie in all of us.

  • Voice Over IP Solutions:
    Run your phone systems over your data networks and the Internet instead of traditional phone lines and you'll save money on cabling and long distance charges. Increase the productivity of your team when we make two (or more) buildings work as one. (No, we can't clone your top salesperson.)

  • Voice Mail Solutions:
    Eliminate the need for a receptionist (or at least give yours more important things to do while the voice processing system handles the easy stuff). While it routes callers (quickly and accurately) you can access your email, voice mail and faxes from anywhere. (Calling yourself "007" is optional.)

  • Wireless Solutions:
    Receive phone calls and emails anywhere as though you're right at your desk, move offices without drilling new wall jacks, and take your equipment with you when you move. You can even have a phone system in a site that isn't wired for phone or cable. (Wires and cables are so last year.)

  • Video Solutions:
    Stop traveling between locations to have a meeting. Connect to your business associates over video and eliminate expensive travel. Need to know what's going on after the fact or even real-time while you are away from the office? With video surveillance systems, you know what's going on all the time.


National Accounts/Multi Branch Businesses:

No matter where you are let Teleco support your company with just one call for all locations.

Not only do we have over 200 TELECO Channel Dealer branches around the world, but we have an additional network of over 1000 service providers who we have tested and determined trustworthy and able to handle our customer' needs.

So, whether it's a simple move, add or change; an audit of 50 stores and all their equipment; or an overhaul of 3500 locations and their entire network, we are equipped to handle it. If you have multiple locations outside of a single service area, give us a call..we can manage service at all of these locations for you in just one call or email.